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The quality isn't that good but that's not the point here! Although he talked for a long time, I didn't get bored watching him at all! 55 minutes of him was just too funny (: I enjoyed it.
He has so much aegyo even though he says he won't do any He's all like "People change with age" LOLOLOL BUT YOU STILL SHOW AEGYO HONGGI!
He's a kid at heart still.. playing League OMG.. and teasing his fans
I laughed so hard when someone mentioned Yonghwa! He was like" he's from another group, are you crazy?"
He's so direct LOL.. IDK what it is about him. It's funny at the same time. He's kind of carefree! He's just like ..whatever, I do what I want to do, say what I want to say~ His new MV called puppy though.. LOLOLOL All I can say is that it kind of represents him? hahaha! He WOULD do that something like that [and do you see someone's money just laying around? IDK it just caught my attention]
But one question I keep having in the back of my head.. Why do they always ask for hearts?!?! I'm so curious
I watched it this morning and agian tonight since the subs are up XD They want hearts on the video, kind of like liking something
Lol 2 hours of him! But they make a big deal of it, so I'm wondering if they just want their video to be popular O: @VixenViVi
I think it that cause yeah LOL but also lets them see how many are watching then as the numbers grow.