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Yeezy isn't known to be a very "light-hearted" person. He's a genius, I think, and it's obvious that he's very serious about his craft. But in an unguarded moment caught by cameras, Yeezus himself danced like your dad chaperoning a school dance, and it was glorious.

Check him out looking like your dad trying to raise the roof to some Jay-Z

Or here, where he looks like your dad trying to learn the Whip/Nae Nae, but just eventually trying to do his own thing.

You are John Legend, trying to be supportive but just giving up.

And finally, here's Kanye doing some new-fangled version of the shopping-cart dance where you drop your groceries on the ground and try to pick them up in a semi-cool way.

Kim is screaming internally, while Kris pretends like she doesn't know her own son-in-law.

See? Yeezy is just like any dad.

He might be even more embarrassing!
Wait, who was he dancing to?
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@danidee assorted peeps. Like, he was dancing the whole time.
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Haha that gif with John Legend! He’s like trying to be supportive but also trying to see, so he’s moving his head around Kanye to see.
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Assorted Peeps is also the name of my band.
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