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A few weeks ago I went to ULTA to grab a few beauty items. I bought two face creams to try since I wanted to add face creams to my beauty regiment. I usually skip on regular creams to moisturize my face and use Maybelline's BB cream in the Pure Dream Collection. However, I like using as little makeup as possible, so I thought I wouldn't need the BB cream if my face was already supple before I applied makeup. BELOW ARE MY REVIEWS. COMMENT IF YOU HAD ANY EXPERIENCES WITH THESE PRODUCTS.
These were the cremes that I brought and have been using for about a week or 2 weeks.


I use this after I cleanse my face with my Stridex sensitive pads in the morning before I put on my makeup. This gel is leaving my skin super supple and moisturized as the company promised. I have super sensitive skin and I have not had any bad reactions. The formula is light, has a light clean scent, and it does feel like you have been kissed by the water fairies when you apply this creme. It does not feel like a second mask, because it absorbs in your skin really quickly. It has purified Hyaluronic Acid in in the formula. This is something that is already in the human skin. Click on the highlighted word to learn more about the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid. I would recommend for best results to wait about 5 minutes minimum before applying makeup so that your skin can really absorb the creme. This will help your makeup to look flawless honey! I brush my teeth or arrange what makeup products I'm going to use to pass the time in a productive way. This is good for all skin types.
I use this creme at night time before bed. I use this after I cleanse my skin with the face Aveeno Essentials wash that comes in the Essentials collection or after I used my Cleopatra Sugar Scrub. This creme is much thicker than the Neutrogena water gel. But I guess that's what I should expect since it's a night creme. I enjoy the creme. It has a light scent and my skin does feel soft after using it. If you do use too much your face can become greasy, since this formula is a bit thick. What caught my attention was that it was vitamins A, C, and E. It claims to help your skin renew it's moisture barrier during the nightly "renewal process" when you sleep.


Well that all folks!

Hope you enjoyed the review.
I've had good results using Neutrogena products, and was looking for something with a gel consistency. Thanks for the info on it! (and the link explaining hyaluronic acid was great! I was never clear on what that was until now.)
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great @otiamaria thanks much. I'm glad you enjoyed the card
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