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Okay, okay. I know I rag on cat owners a lot in my cards. Don't tell me this isn't at least a LITTLE true though...
Credit: Jim Benson | JimBensonGoComics.com
Dogs - "you feed me, clean after me, pet me, love me... YOU Must be God!" Cats - "you feed me, clean after me, pet me, love me... I Must be God!" I can't remember who told me that. Lol. ;)
NOT TRUE. My cat mostly wants me to live for him... like he would be pretty mad at me for dying because that would mean no food and no back rubs...
Hahahahaha this is awesome. I get this feeling from my cat alllll the time. She loves when I leave the house so she can have my room all to herself.
wow i love sandía :) that's so cool :)your son must enjoy all the space then huh? :D
@buddyesd :) My grandparents actually ran a real farm. My dad was one of 15. Now THAT was a farm... Miles of land in Texas. So beautiful. They grew everything. Me? Lol. Not so impressive. I love my land and the space, the quiet. I'm surrounded by desert here, but the valley where I'm at is all agricultural. I couldn't believe it when I moved here. Somehow, in the middle of the Mojave Desert, there's this tiny oasis of farmland. Apparently it's a dried up lake bed. The tiny town I live in is nicknamed "The Fruit Basket", but across the valley people are growing onions, carrots, potatoes, alfalfa, and lettuce on large scales. I started a smaller garden where the previous owner had already cultivated some of the soil, mostly so the kid could do some things for science. He really loved it. So we planted more. I have mostly watermelon (lol I love it!) with varieties of squash, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. I grow a lot of herbs, but mostly in barrels and such, except my lavender. My front walk is lined in lavender. I have fruit trees scattered around the property. We walk around and gather fruit when it's in season, mostly cherries. Other than that, just random flowers. :) I promise, my farming talents are the least impressive of my skill set. Lol. Speaking of cats, I have a harder time keeping them out of the plants than the dogs.
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