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Hello to All My Fashion King Hardcore Fans! Thank God it's MONDAY (something i never imagined i'd be saying lol). FINALLY! We'll get to understand WHY IN THE WORLD gayoung wasn't taking Youngul's call, after they were supposed to meet! I mean the poor guy had it all ready, candle lights, fancy dinner...Probably more Smoochies on the way? XD So, yeah WHAT HAPPENED to you, Gayoung? I just hope it's not gonna be some kind of Freak Accident or something >O< You know how Korean Plots LOVE to add a lilttle bit of Traffic Drama going on -_- ANY-WAY ^O^ Promise you'll be here, with me, and all the other Fans, reading my LIVE RECAPS, as the Action and revelation from this 17th episode (already?!) evolve! PS: Refresh the page every 2-3min & Comment to release all your emotions regarding the scenes or when something is unclear, okay? See You, then Fashionistas~ *************************************** The episode starts with Gayoung and Jaehyuk at...AT A CLUB! A CLUB!! While Youngul is waiting for Gayoung, She's at the club for a "Compagny dinner meeting" as it was club...AT A CLUB! Ok im mad -_- So you can only imagine Youngul's feelings! Youngul calls Gayoung's roomate. She confirms that she's still out with her work collegues and Jaehyuk. Next stop after the Club, they go to a Karaoke! Gayoung is breaking down the mood, at least for the girls present there, because she's singing a Romatic song! And she sounds GREAT!Jaehyuk is up all of a sudden, grabs another mic and sings along with her, while looking straight into her eyes. Now that everyone is officially WASTED, everyone decides to go home. Gayoung is trying to get a cab alone, but Jaehyuk insists on giving her a ride. On the way:" Here. Congratulations." Jaehyuk gives her a Necklace. As expensive as it looks, and im sure it is, she refuses to take it. " Are you seriously going to turn down everything coming from me?" He says to her in a rather angry/Sad voice. He grabs her from the back and makes her turn, literally, then makes her wear the necklace. She's finally home, and hears from her roommate that Youngul has been calling all night. She had no idea they had plans tonight. So she ran to him! "Im so sorry Boss, i didn't see your text message. We had a congratulatory dinner at the compagny to celebrate my new position at the Compagny. It took more time..." She goes on but he stops her. "Were you drinking?"...he asks then, suddenly goes on a rage attack! " I know i don't have the right to be telling you what to do but...CANT YOU STOP BEING AROUND THAT GUY?" Gayoung:" Do you really hate me being there that much?" Youngul:" Are you asking cuz you seriously don't know? Now you're wearing this nice looking necklace, huh? From him?" The discussion between the 2 leads no where:" Me being around him is simply WORK, you want me to leave -WORK-? Alright...I WILL". Says Gayoung then she leaves. Argh..They start fighting everytime things start getting better between them. Next day. Gayoung is faking a smile to everyone greeting her at work. She enters her Brand new office. This can't be just an office. You basically can move in and Live there. But all she can think of is how Youngul was saying how he despises the idea of her breathing the same as Jaehyuk there. She grabs a pen and a letter. She starts writing a...Resignation letter?? She's interrupted by the secretary telling her there is an urgent meeting. Something is wrong. Jaehyuk's compagny is losing market share. His dad is there, hearing how poor his compagny is doing and all. Jaehyuk knows what's aating him next. A life lesson from his old man. His father is so mad, he almost hit him with one of the files on the desk SHOCKED CHILL OLD MAN! the guy isnt 4years old!! His words are even more hurtful, threathning him to leave if he can't perform better, talk about pride in the job and all..Now that his father is done scolding him, it's time HE TAKES IT on his own secretary LOL As if his day wasn't bad enough, Gayoung comes to top it all:" Im sorry to have to tell you this at this stage, but, i believe i have to resign. Im really sorry". Jaehyuk does nothing but smirk, then he says:" Now im in no use, huh? next time you'll be in trouble you'll come looking for we, right?" Jaehyuk may sound mean, hurtful, but his eyes are bloody redish, he's fighting the tears.."Im extremely thankful to you for eveything, no matter what you say now. Forgive me again." Then she leaves. On her way out, she takes one last look at the compagny building.. Over Youngul's office, Anna is starring at him as he cant stop starring himself at the watch:" Are you expecting someone?" she asks him. "never mind, he answers coldly. Everyone seems at some point to turn their back on poor Anna. But guess what? Jaehyuk, at this very same time, in in Anna's old office. He remembers how he threw her away like trash from his life and the compagny, how she told him that giving her up for someone else that easily as he doesn't need her anymore is just not fair...He feels her pain now, he's in her shoes ,that's the sad truth. He shed a tear. Away from there, Miss Jo, Evil~ Miss jo is planning all sorts of things to break both Gayoung and Youngul She meets this latter first. After she gets nothing from him, she goes for Anna." What do you mean, you guys are not seriously involved with each other? You helped him build this little empire he's enjoying success from now! And yet he didn't five you an official title yet? Wait could it be...because of Gayoung?" She really succeeded in getting into her. That night, strangely though, all she was thinking about is how Jaehyuk was always there for her, in the earlier stages of their relationship. Someone is at her door..She opens up, OMG it's Jaehyuk! These people have some serious thelepathy power going on tonight LOL "I'll make it short. Im only her to apologize. For.. EVERYTHING." Says Jaehyuk then leaves. That only made Anna even more confused about her Heart status! Jaehyuk stops after at Gayoung's, but he's surprised to see Youngul there! "What are you doing at another person's place?" he asks Youngul This one gives him this ironic answer:" that's exactly what i'd like to ask you too." Then he leaves him behind. Once in his car, and his old gangstar buddy is driving him around, Youngul starts trash talking Jaehyuk when the driving brings him up. "Don't you think Money changed you a little? I mean you two were once friends, remember? Now you're doing super fine because he's doing super bad. Show some mercy at least." says the driver. Back to his little old office, Youngul finds Gayoung there, on her sewing machine!"What are you doing here at this hour, young lady?" he asks and yet he seems obviously pleased to see her! "Im making your gift!" She made this beautiful outerwear for him, with his name on it too. His excitement was pretty short, since he remembers she made the same thing for Jaehyuk too! "I'll take you to my place tonight" Youngul decides to take her see his Royal Flat. BEHOOOLD XD Enormous, Large entrance, a Wardrobe of a rockstar, designer Watches...Gayoung is blown away. "i always wanted to have a family of my own. After losing everyone i loved, including my young sister, i always to have a place i could call home, a place to go back to. Will you be My Home?" He asks her. Aww~... His phone rings. He gets the call. Gayoung notices these files and check them out. At her biggest surprise, they are files about Jaehyuk's compagny. A detailed plan on how to bring down his compagny! Gayoung can't believe her eyes! " You have a big place, a great car, your business is flourishing, why can't you let him survive in the market too? you're the absolute leader anyway, what's there to fear?" she asks him in anger! " Why can't i finish him for good?" Youngul sounds like anybody but the one she fell in love with. He's so cold now. So heartless. ********************************************** End - Ep 18 TOMORROW, SAME TIME ^o- ******************************************* EP 16:
Thank You, I enjoyed reading this ♥
omo, there's such a thing? ah will for me doing the recaps haha, we'll see
omg you made my night ㅜㅠ...Thank u for appreciating what i do, but seriously, i enjoy it even more knowing u guys are actually truly looking forward to it! How about you go check some korean lessons on vingle let's learn korean party? you may improve a little and do recaps by next year too hehehe
true true loving this drama because of him. Thanks LifeLovingLina.....your recaps makes it so much more bearable, otherwise I have to wait until wednesday to watch the ones with subs. At least now I can watch the uploaded RAW version and have some clue as to what they're saying. Thx again
<~~~ Goes complete fan girl at Yoo Ah In. He shows great range in his acting.
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