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We have all heard about it. After loading several pounds of textbooks on your back, your knees also starts to buckle from the all the pizzas, beers, and loaded fries. No wonder you're flaunting a 1-pack and extra pressure to the knees.
You're not doomed. You can avoid the Freshman 15. IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE!!!!

And not only can you avoid it, you even seek out a healthier lifestyle and maybe lose a few pounds, gain some muscle, and get super duper strong and fast.

Alright, here's some tips!

1) Portion Control

If you have a meal plan at your college, and you don't really have the means to eat outside of campus -- practice portion control. It starts with making better decisions, even if there aren't the best options. Often we are served very large portions, and that can really affect the way we think of how a single portion should look like. This can be especially true in the United States. You don't want to starve yourself. You want to have good judgement on how much you should eat. Load up on vegetables, and keep a wary eye on foods like pizza, burgers, and fries.

2) Cook More Often

If you are living in dorms with no cooking spaces, you might have a harder time preparing meals. However, not all is lost. If your dorm allows you to use a microwave, you can actually prepare quite a bit of foods. You can microwave eggs, steam vegetables, prepare pre-cooked brown rice, have tuna, or even prepare green smoothies/juices.
If you're like me when I was in college -- and have access to a full kitchen, take advantage of it. You don't really know what you're getting when someone else prepares your food. Sometimes "healthy" food from restaurants can also be loaded with butter, salt, and calories. When you prepare your meals, you know exactly what you're putting into your body. ANNDDD you are saving money this way!

3) Limit or Cut Down Drinking

Drinking can really add to your caloric intake. A shot of alcohol can be around 100 calories per shot. A can of beer can be around 200 calories. And these things can add up -- fast. As much as I love a good whiskey on the rocks, I have to make sure to remind myself that a couple of those bad boys can easily rack up the calories. Sugary drinks like margaritas can EASILY be around 500 calories. Yikes!
Drink more water, cut the alcohol, and avoid other sugar-loaded drinks like soda and juice (yes, even orange juice).

4) Get Up and Get Movin'

Take advantage of the track, the field, the gym on campus. Keep your body moving. Make time to get your body moving. When I was in college, I would go to the gym during a two-hour break between classes. Even if it meant that I was just doing a hill walk on the treadmill while studying for an exam, I did it.

5) Have A Balanced Diet

It's easy to fall into the habit of eating high sodium, junky crap. If you try to eat a well-rounded diet, you'll find that your appetite is satisfied. Mix it up. Remember, balance is key. Fiber, protein, iron -- these are all things you should incorporate into your diet.
When I moved away for college, I had made the promise to myself that I would become a new me. And that's what I did. Instead of falling victim to the Freshman 15, I had lost over 50lbs. It's totally doable. You can do it!
When I was a freshman (over half a decade ago...), I was always surprised whenever I went to friends' dorm rooms. I never kept any junk food in my room, so I couldn't imagine having constant access to M&Ms or the like. I always thought it was better to work for my food (as in walk the extra block to the cafeteria)! To this day, I don't keep junk food in my apartment. My husband has to take his chips to work! 😂
I am the same way! Although my eating habits aren't perfect, I definitely don't keep junk food in my home. If I really want it, I have to get up and get it. And I'll get a small bag/portion of something so I am not continuously snacking @DaniVO
Well since I don't have junk food around due to my diet already and my school has a major amount of stairs and steep inclines i hope I won't be falling victim to this!
@majesticx goooddd!!!!! stair workouts are definitely a good way to stay active. I used to do run up and down at the stadium on campus. that would be such a tough workout!