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They say that two heads are better than one, but what if those two heads belong to a (strangely still adorable) baby piglet?
Well, that might be a question for Yang Jinliang, a Chinese man from the port city of Tianjin who currently cares for a two-headed piglet he discovered outside his local Buddhist temple.
The pig has four eyes, three ears, and two working mouths from which Jinliang feeds her baby formula through a small baby bottle. Currently, because of her big head, the piglet cannot stand up properly, though her owner hopes that will change as the animal grows.
The pig has become something of a sensation among locals, and Jinliang intends to keep the piglet and make sure it continues to grow healthy and strong. (Previously, animals with similar mutations are only able to live for a few days.)
Personally, I think she's pretty cute. However, if you're asking around the Hundred Acre Wood, I'd imagine the response would be more like:
@danidee She's way too cute for bacon
Hahaha that final gif. Yeah, she's super cute!! I hope she survives to live a long and healthy life :)
@virginvingler Cue the disturbed Piglet gif again.
@allischaaff I hope so too. I also hope she becomes this huge celebrity.
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