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[The following conversation takes place in a living room over alcoholic beverages on August 27th, 2012 in New York]
When's the last time you wrote a letter? Exactly, man, probably forever ago, maybe never, right? These days, it doesn't really make any sense to. Like, with the way technology has progressed over the last couple of years, what's the point. It's so much easier to just, you know, send an e-mail or a Facebook message or something.
But that's the exact reason why you write a letter, man. That's why you do it. What do you mean I'm confusing? It's like this, let's say I really care about someone right now [he does] and let's say that I want to impress them, yeah [he does]? I'll write them a goddamn letter.
It makes so much sense to. Like here you are, sitting in front of your desk or whatever and spending a lot of time. [laughs] It's really funny because all of a sudden fifteen to thirty minutes you spend writing on a piece of fucking paper is seen as "a lot of time" even though it's actually a short amount of time but since we live in this culture of, of, of like instant gratification, yeah, we automatically think "a lot of time" was spent writing a letter.
So, [drinks] with that in mind, writing someone a letter really lets them know you care about them. Because yeah, you took time out of your day to write with a pen. Another way of looking at it is, like, you're giving this person a part of yourself that they don't normally see. Like, do you know what your best friend's handwriting looks like? You probably don't. Shut up.
With every press of the pen against that piece of paper, you know, you're giving someone your fingerprint. You're letting them in, you're letting them in, in a way that doesn't happen anymore. It's so easy to read Times New Roman or Helvetica, you know? But reading someone's penmanship is sometimes a puzzle, it's a game, if it's bad or if it's great. You can see how confident someone is with the way the push into the paper, you know?
You have to write letters, man. It's the best way to open yourself up to someone else.
And, the best part is that you don't have to be there while they read it [laughs, drinks]
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I’m all about writing little notes or letters to people that matter to me! And I totally resonant with with the being there while they read it. I get really scared about expressing my feelings so it’s a good way to get it all out and get nervous and not take it back!