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According to his company, Starhaus Entertainment, Lee Min Ho received the most popular Asian actor award and was the only Korean to receive an award during the 12th China Fashion Awards. This event is supported by the large Shanghai Media Group and is held annually. It is one of the well known award shows in China. According to an official of the event, "he is one of the most popular foreign stars in the China Awards. He changed the mood of the awards." The Awards and Lee Min Ho's visit was ranked number 1 on Weibo's search engine and various other Chinese portal sites. He received his popularity with his appearance on "Boys Before Flowers," "City Hunter," and most recently "Faith." Wherever Lee Min Ho went, fans followed. Whenever he moved, fans would cheer loudly and made it seem like a fan meeting.
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Add a comment in [English]Kudos to you Min Ho!... isn't a surprise to me that he is finally receiving some of the recognition that he rightfully deserves... we all his fans knew long time ago the special hard working person that he is, lets no stop now!... we need to support him more... we can make him ever a largest star!!!
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Congrats LMH
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believed or not, a lot a people know about him in USA, go.go.go,,,,, minho
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