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If you're part of the K-pop community at all, you might have seen the playlist challenges that have been going around (I really like this back-to-school playlist by @amobigbang ). I really liked these, and I thought I would challenge everyone in the Marvel community to do something similar!

Pick your favorite page or panel from a Marvel comic.

Then tell us why you love it! I chose the above panel by Phil Noto. He's one of my favorite artists right now. His style is very iconic and evocative. I chose his work on Black Widow because I love the way he treats the character. Natasha is incredibly active and powerful looking; she absolutely feels like the hero of her own story.
"Prisons need my permission to hold me, amigo."
The writing there is brilliant as well. This is *exactly* what I think the character is like. She's daring and clever and she gets things done. It's why she's one of my favorites!

What's YOUR favorite comic book panel?

It can be something you read as a kid that you still remember today, or a piece of art you really like, or just something funny that always makes you laugh! @buddyesd @JeanPaulGaleano @DanRodriguez @megamind @BPF1916 @SeanKros @VeronicaArtino @caitlind9898 @jcl4rks0n @AimeeH don't forget to tag me if you make a card for this challenge!
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Ty!! 馃槃 plz check it out 馃檹
I'm going to put all of our challenge responses in this collection! I like everything you're sharing so I don't want anyone to miss them ^_^
I will work on this soon. I haven't forgotten
@amobigbang I really liked the panels you picked ^_^