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I've already posted about the explosions in Tianjin (and the weird circumstances around their cleanup) multiple times, but I didn't post about the explosions that happened in Shandong because it just seemed like a weird coincidence. Now, however, there's been a third explosion in Dongying (another area of Shandong) and that's just too suspicious.

Why are these explosions happening?

I'm not saying there has to be something linking these three explosions. Truthfully, it could just be an awful lot of coincidence that resulted in all of these events.
But for some reason I'm incredibly suspicious, so I'm here to offer a few different theories on what may be behind these explosions.

1. Economic Downturn Leads to Excess Material - Regular Edition

Basically, there's a lot of extra stuff in China right now due to poor market conditions, and they don't have the infrastructure to safely store it all. This leads to unsafe conditions. Additionally, layoffs are happenings, and that means that safety procedures might not be being as closely enforced, which might lead to these explosions.

2. Economic Downturn Leads to Excess Material - Conspiracy Edition

I won't take credit for this theory (and I'm not really suspicious enough to have invented it myself), but here it is:
"When an economic boom is pushed by the government one of the few ways to "fix" the problem is through destruction of overproduced items. Historically this was done through war. Keep the economy pumping by manufacturing things that are designed to be used and destroyed. In the modern society war is impossible for most nations. The U.S. can get away with things such as the war on terror, which is essentially an unwinnable eternal conflict, because they are the biggest kid on the block. China however cannot wage war without the US and especially Russia getting involved. Another modern take on this was the "cash for clunkers" program. Buy and destroy old, cheap cars, in order to generate demand for new automobiles in order to prop up the failing auto industry. It would not surprise me in the least to learn that China is purposely sabotaging itself in order to destroy capital goods that have been over produced."

3. There's nothing weird going on at all.

My least favorite theory because it means we can't possible find a solution for it all.

Do you have another theory?

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@VinMcCarthy Agreed. It's my favorite of these three options. And not that unfathomable, especially considering if China doesn't do something to stop it's incredible economic downturn (at least, make people think it's stopped) they're going to have serious problems. They're already clearly trying to buy up a lot of foreign equity while they can to stabilize what funds they can since the value of the yuan drops, but I wouldn't be shocked if they were doing something like this as well. Though, I'm not sure why they couldn't have done it in a less public way, if destroying excess goods was really their goal.
I love me a good conspiracy theory, and the rule of threes dictates that there is more going on than sheer coincidence. I have to put my belief into the second theory here, because it would be tragically interesting. Don't you think?