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There was a guy at a family function I had never seen before. I thought he was very cute..And then I found he was my cousin.

Oh, so you're Latino?
BYE. You might be my distant cousin through marriage.
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@purplem00n23 you're right!!!! lol
@alywoah lol i feel the same way about Mexicans haha they always end up being a daughter of a cousin that i haven't seen since i was a kid or something xD
This just reminded me of an ex boyfriend who I loved so much that we even planned to get married, and them Bummmm!! I found out he was a distant uncle. I got so depressed after.
Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. Yeah, my family is HUGE. I have cousins all over the world. That's usually the reason why I don't date Puerto Ricans -- I'm scared I'd date a family member. AHhhhh. How did you find out??? @CelinaGonzalez
@alywoah we found out because my second last name is the same as his father, so we started asking our parents about our relatives. His dad is my grandfather's cousin, or as we say in Spanish "primos hermanos". I know your reason is because you have a huge family, but I decided not to date any Mexicans because they are jealous of everything, and too machistas. I got tired of that; therefore, I married an Indian :-D!