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I like Disney and I like anime and I like this. Sold yet?
To actually explain a bit more about this, this artist (Angela Vianello) made some really awesome fan illustrations of various Disney protagonists that we're all familiar with. I'm not sure if she intentionally made them to be in the styling of various animes, but someone pointed out that this might be the case, and I can't help but agree.
For instance, the Little Mermaid on above REALLY looks like stuff from the NGE franchise back in the 90s, no? Geezah suggested that and I totally agree!

Beauty and the Beast

Peter Pan

Rapunzel (!!!! and flynn!!!)

Do I need to talk about how much I love this?!?! AHHH.

Alice in Wonderland

Snow White

Robin Hood

Al of the interviews with her I could find are in Italian (sadly, I only know one incredibly not helpful Italian phrase), but you can find her here:
Everything is better with anime. People got to accept it. BELIEVE IT (naruto) lol
This is beautiful.....
@poojas *collaboration* Well I know I'll be heading out to the hardware store for some cement mix tomorrow...you hear that Siri, we're going to have some fun ^^
they look so much better this way omgoodness 😍😍😘😚😚😚😚😚
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