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A couple years ago I found this on the ol' Internet. I have absolutely no idea where it's from. But it raises a lot of questions:
Why is this tiger and this wolf giving each other a power respect handshake?
Is beef tendon really that tight of a bond?
Why don't I have a tight bond like that with someone?
If anyone out there in the Vingle-verse knows where these screencaps are from, please, please, please let me know in the comments or message me or snail mail me or e-mail me or send a message in a bottle if there's an ocean between us. I don't really care. I just need to know where this is from so I can learn how to create a bond that tight.
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I need to start watching this anime now! also, @kasiebluemoon welcome to the anime community as well as vingle! It's delightfully weird round here.
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@NerukaWong @VinMcCarthy Thanks for the warm welcome! I liked Black Butler, Tokyo Ghoul, Natsume & the Book of Friends, Fairytail, Inu×Boku SS, and Aoharu×Machine Gun. Just to name a few.
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@kasiebluemoon Love Tokyo Ghoul! And there are a lot of Black Butler and Fairytail fans here ^^
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@kasiebluemoon I love Fairy Tail! so much.
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@kasiebluemoon Nice! I only know about Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler and Fairy Tail but I'll catch ul onto the anime train! :)
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