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anyone wanna translate lol
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-Hey -are you going to be at home today? -Ro -Ma -what -what's roma -ro -ma -you're going to stay in roma?? (Roma is rome) -ro -ma -ahahahahah -roma->romha -romha-gongduk (I don't understand but I feel like he's doing zutter lyrics) -are you a ghost? -gho (πŸ‘‚) -st (πŸ‘ž) (it's a play on words- in Korean ghost is κ·€μ‹  ear is also κ·€ and shoes can be called μ‹ ) -don't pretend you're a person by using emoticons -ro -ma -upload then delete -hahahaha -top style -yo -top style - what's the top style -da Vinci = top - πŸ‘Œ these are definitely zutter lyrics they're just having fun joking around
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