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Hello Fellow Kpop Fanatics This is Yvon Jerzak fellow Fangirl and friend (If your reading this chin up your beautiful) In a month I will be moving on my own to my apartment and doing grown up things *sigh* but the one thing I'm looking forward forward to doing is decorating my room. Here's the thing I'm moving in with my best friend and she's not a kpop fan but regardless of that when it comes to my room it will be my space.I was you know wondering what other kpop fan girls rooms look like so I went on Tumblr, pinterest, instagram and Google to get an idea. Not copying but like ideas on how to make things look. So down below I have posted pictures of the rooms I really liked. But feel free to comment below and advice me on what I could possibly do and not do and also if you could decorate your room what would you let's have fun with this one!! also which room do you like the most on this post?
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@tayunnie well my room is gonna have two walls completely empty so I can write on them since I painting them with chalk paint I mean I like negative space plus I'm afraid that if I have someone over they'll be like omg She's crazy hahaha not there's anything wrong with those rooms but I find them so cool to like these people are so dedicated you know and thanks for the luck
@yvonjerzak I KNOWWWWW but who cares what other people think EXPREAS YOSELF LOVE IT ALL ❀❀ AHAH real friends will judge you but put that on a list of things to gift 😊
@tayunnie aww I love you you just made me smile the biggest smile ever #fandomhugs
@yvonjerzak awwkdjsdbjdhsj 😘😘😘😝😝❀❀
Omg that would be so amazing. Everywhere you turn there'll be Korean men staring at you😍