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Ir a ser: going to be Ir a estar: going to be Ir a pensar: going to think Ir a comer: going to eat Ir a tomar: going to take/drink/gain Ir a poner: going to set/get El martes voy a comer pollo: on tuesday i am going to eat chicken ¿Qué vamos a comer?: what are we going to eat? Nosotros vamos a pensar en ustedes: we are going to think of you Voy a ser padre: i am going to be a father Gracias, voy a tomar una cerveza: thank you, i am going to drink beer Mañana no voy a estar en mi casa: tomorrow i am not going to be at my house Ellos no van a comer: they are not going to eat El pero va a estar en el jardín: the dog is going to be in the garden Hoy le van a tomar una foto: today they are going to take a photo of it
Ir a mantener: going to keep
Ir a volver: going to return
Ir a encontrar: going to find
Ir a trabajar: going to work
Ir a buscar: going to look for
Ir a conseguir: going to get
Ir a obtener: going to obtain
Nosotros vamos a volver: we are going to return
Hoy no vamos a trabajar: we are not going to work today
Hoy vas a volver: today you are going to return
Lo vas a obtener: you are going to obtain it
Usted va a buscar una casa: you are going to look for a house
La vamos a buscar: we are going to search for her
Ellos van a mantener sus bicicletas: they are going to keep their bicycles
Voy a volver: i am going to return
Vamos a obtener el dinero: we are going to obtain the money
Ir a lograr: going to achieve
Ir a esperar: going to wait
Ir a entender: going to understand
Ir a perder: going to lose
Ir a contar: going to count/tell
Ir a cambiar: going to change
Ir a establecer: going to establish
Ella no lo va a entender: she is not going to understand it
No voy a perder: i am not going to lose
Voy a cambiar la llave: i am going to change the key
Voy a contar los platos: i am going to count the plates
Les voy a contar una cosa: i am going to tell you something
No vamos esperar a papá: we are not going to wait for dad
Vamos a establecer las reglas: we are going to establish the rules
Esta autora va a lograr mucho: this author is going to achieve much
Van a perder: they are going to lose
Ir a alcanzar: going to reach
Ir a ganar: going to win
Ir a tratar: going to treat
Ir a pagar: going to pay
Ir a recibir: going to receive
Ir a caer: going to fall
Ir a utilizar: going to use
Yo voy a utilizar el coche: i am going to use the car
Finalmente vamos a ganar: finally we are going to win
Ella se va a caer: she is going to fall down
Ellos van a recibir mi carta: they are going to receive my letter
Voy a pagar por la fresa: i am going to pay for the strawberry
Nosotros vamos a recibir dinero: we are going to receive money
Nosotros vamos a utilizar dos cámaras: we are going to use two cameras
Ir a recordar: going to remember
Ir a presentar: going to present/introduce
Ir a abrir: going to open
Ir a sentir: going to feel
Ir a resolver: going to resolve
Ir a considerar: going to consider
Ir a terminar: going to end
Ellos no van a sentir nada: they are not going to feel anything
No, vamos a resolver esto: no, we are going to resolve this
Voy a recordar a mi padre: i am going to remember my father
Yo voy a abrir la carta: i am going to open the letter
Te voy a presentar a mi familia: i am going to introduce you to my family
Nosotros vamos a terminar de comer: we are going to finish eating
Ellas van a considerar el documento: they are going to consider the document
¿Tú no vas a presentar a tu madre?: you are not going to introduce your mother?
Ir a llamar: going to call
Ir a comprender: going to comprehend
Ir a creer: going to believe
Ir a reconocer: going to recognize
Ir a pedir: going to order
Ir a mirar: going to look at
Ir a servir: going to serve/work
Lo voy a reconocer: i am going to recognize it
Él va a pedir agua: he is going to order water
La vas a reconocer: you are going to recognize her
¿Quién va a creer eso?: who is going to believe that?
Lo voy a comprender: i am going to comprehend it
Esto no va a servir: this is not going to work
Ellos van a llamar al hospital: they are going to call the hospital
Voy a servir el arroz: i am going to serve the rice
Le voy a pedir matrimonio: i am going to ask him to get married
Ir a reducir: going to reduce
Ir a olvidar: going to forget
Ir a escuchar: going to listen to
Ir a continuar: going to continue
Ir a venir: going to come
Ir a quedar: going to remain
Ir a empezar: going to start
Ellos no van a venir hoy: they are not going to come today
Ella me va a olvidar: she is going to forget me
Lo voy a reducir: i am going to reduce it
Me va a escuchar: he is going to listen to me
¿Te vas a quedar en casa?: are you going to stay at home?
Voy a empezar a caminar: i am going to start walking
Muy bien, vamos a continuar: very good, we are going to continue
Ir a aumentar: going to increase
Ir a acabar: going to finish
Ir a ofrecer: going to offer
Ir a abandonar: going to abandon
Ir a ayudar: going to help
Ir a superar: going to overcome/exceed/beat
Ir a aprender: going to learn
Él lo va a superar: he is going to overcome it
Ellos van a acabar de comer: they are going to finish eating
¿Cuándo lo vas a superar?: when are you going to overcome it?
Va a aumentar: it is going to increase
¿Cuándo vas a aprender?: when are you going to learn?
Ellas van a ofrecer su casa: they are going to offer their house
Esto me va a ayudar: this is going to help me
Lo vamos a abandonar: we are going to abandon it
Ir a elegir: going to elect/choose 엘레힐
Ir a recuperar: going to recover
Ir a descubrir: going to discover 데스쿠부릴
Ir a usar: going to use/wear 우쌀
Ir a aplicar: going to apply
Ir a controlar: going to control
Ir a demostrar: going to demonstrate
Ellos se van a recuperar: they are going to recover
¿Vas a elegir el vino?: are you going to choose the wine?
Me voy a recuperar: i am going to recover
La van a usar: they are going to use her
Lo vamos a descubrir: we are going to discover it
Voy a usar esto: i am going to use it
Voy a controlar esto: i am going to control this
Ahora voy a demostrar: now i am going to demonstrate
Me voy a controlar: i am going to control myself
Ir a defender: going to defend
Ir a querer: going to want
Ir a regresar: going to return
Ir a mostrar: going to show
Ir a vender: going to sell
Ir a cerrar: going to close
Voy a vender mi coche rojo: i am going to sell my red car
Ustedes van a regresar: you are going to return
Yo voy a querer más comida: i am going to want more food
No voy a cerrar la puerta: i am not going to close the door
Nosotros vamos a defender nuestro país: we are going to defend our country
Le voy a mostrar mi coche a él: i am going to show him my car
Ellas nos va a mostrar su casa: she is going to show us her house