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Zico was requested by @PaigeBennish
Lavender water: unusual, you either love it or hate it Raspberry sugar: sweet, strong, and in your face Lemon: sour, packs a punch
Taste The lemon shocked my taste buds, The lavender was strong and pleasant, The raspberry helped pull it all together, And overall, it packed a mouthwatering punch.
If you try this, let me know how you like it!
If you have any requests, please leave your bias below!
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@poojas TOP and DO are already in the queue, but I can do J-Hope! :)
Himchan or Xiumin would be interesting I think. This sounds really good though!
@KellyOConnor I'll put them in my list! :)
@Taijiotter thanks I'll watch for them!
@KellyOConnor I'll also tag you when I post them! :)