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Shinning beach n Shinning people. Super blue summertime in Capri Island⛵
capri looks so beautiful! I had a friend a long time back who used to travel there to visit family. I wish I could get the opportunity to do the same.
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@VinMcCarthy Yes. It was beautiful beach! Me and my little sister had really great time in there and also best spot for tanning! U should go there :^)
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@julitta1207 I wish! unfortunately I don't do much tanning lol, I'm too pale. but I do love swimming, so I would love to get in the ocean there! maybe one day. do you do a lot of travelling?
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@VinMcCarthy I loved only in summer season. I traveled Europe for 7 weeks in this summer! It was one of my memorable trip haha!
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@julitta1207 oh man, that sounds amazing! I've only been able to travel to ireland, but even that was an awesome ecperience.
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