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"One could paraphrase Mark Twain in saying that everybody talks about the new worldview of the sciences but nobody quite knows what it is. Certainly, not many people do anything about exploring it and making it explicit. Yet understanding this worldview is important. If you want to change the world, or at least make sure that it doesn't head blindly to its own destruction, you have to understand the nature of this world. And if you want to understand it, you have to interpret what you experience and know of it through some intelligible hypothesis."
What's up, Vin! I'm new to it actually. My reading is a patchwork of my passions that I'll be sure to share. Can you suggest some reads for a newcomer to philosophy?
Awesome @allischaaff, I'll start researching! Thanks for the nod.
I can, @nashtronaut :) I'm a big lover of all things philosophy, especially literary theory (I studied Comparative Literature back in college). Recently I've been reading a lot of Italo Calvino and Roland Barthes. If you're interested in the intersection of philosophy and photography, Barthes' Camera Lucida has been a really great read so far!
this looks really interesting! i'm gonna have to look into picking this up. do you read a lot of philosophical writing?