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Sungjae to possibly act in another drama?
Cube Entertainment revealed,"Sungjae is reviewing an appearance in SBS's new Wednesday-Thursday drama, 'The Village: Achiara's Secret.' He thinks it is a good production, so he is reviewing it as positively as possible, but it overlaps with BTOB's current promotions in Japan, which is why we're predicting it'd be difficult to film in the drama; hence, he is not at the confirmed stage." Ive been waiting to hear if he will be acting again soon!
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Yeay if he accept the roles. His role in School 2015 is my fav so far.
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@NSSagasshi I like him in that drama too and in plus nine boys
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Ooh, I love him as an actor. Hopefully he's in another drama soon.
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hopefully he continues the show.
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