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What were you guys doing at 17? I was retaking my SATS (because we all need to take them twice), still getting invites for some sweet 16's, on the hunt for the perfect prom dress and the perfect prom date. Meanwhile 17 year old Kylie Jenner spent a majority of her 17th year denying that she was dating 25 year old rapper Tyga. Okay yes, I know, Kylie Jenner isn't a normal 17 year old girl. Money, fame, and Hollywood has caused her to grow up faster then most kids. But is money again going to trump the law, and not just any law, but one that protects minors from having sexual relationships with adults?
If some of you didn't know, Tyga just released a new song, "Stimulated" along with a music video starring the girl his song is 18 year old Kylie Jenner. She is 18 now, so its all kosher right? WRONG. Because Tyga's (honestly terrible) rap included these lyrics...

They say she young, I should’ve waited She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated

First off, thats fucking gross. Kylie, don't you think you deserve a better... (love?) song then one that includes your boyfriend admitting and bragging about statutory raping you? Because secondly yes, she was practically 18, but then again she was also just over 16.

And in the state of California the age of convent is still 18.

But lets be real, Tyga won't be getting in trouble and he certainly won't be getting arrested. Because money (even if his girlfriends money) talks and Hollywood men yet again seem to be above rape laws *cough cough Bill Cosby*. It's safe to say justice will not be served, even though all the judge has to do is listen to the chours of his shitty song and watch the music video which consists of him trying to roll a joint, thinking of ways to rhyme about having sex with his underage girl friend, and kissing her cheek all creepy like. All we can do now I hope that Tyga doesn't write any more songs about "stimulating" his teenage girlfriend.
@LizArnone it just makes me mad.... lol
@marshalledgar it really is just insane what powerful, rich and famous people can get away with!! @TessStevens i know you like fall out boy (from your MTV awards card!) so I'm wondering if you can ahead some light on @shannonl5 comment!!
disturbing isn't the word... while Subway's Jared is going to prison for paying for sex with 16 and 17 year olds, Tyga gets a pass for doing the same thing. Why?! Jared is branded as evil, and yes, what he did was/is unconscionable, yet Tyga gets lauded. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What planet am I living on?
@shannonl5 WHAT!!!!! I had no idea ..... I'm even later then e everyone else as usual gahaha just EWWWW!
This is really nasty. I just found out (like 5 years late) that a lot of Fall Out Boy's music was dedicated to the lead singer's relationship with his underage girlfriend. Apparently it's a tradition. Definitely one that needs to go.
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