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Apperantly my card stating Big Bang is coming to the USA for a concert in Newark, NJ was removed from my page due to reports of "irrevelancy". PLEASE enlighten me how my card was irrevelant. Because it's not like what I posted was fake or false or anything like that of fhe sort so please enlighten me why your knowledge as to why it was soooooo irrevelant. If you didn't like it, don't worry about it. Idiots.


The only reason I imagine it would have been removed is because it was to do with Bigbang not Beast... I didn't see the card so that's the most logical reason I can give...
well teah but i don't see why it should matter. it's still kpop related and I'm sure those who like beast, like big bang. but my card should be in my collection so if it is, read it.
@ashleykpop I'm sure most if not all of them do like Big Bang, I know I do... still unfortunately it falls within the rights of the Beast community members to flag something as irrelevant if it's posted in that community and doesn't reference Beast... I know you were just wanting to share the awesome news, so I'm sorry your card was removed
as the matt stated it probably was because it wasn't directly related to the beast community. I'm sure that most and probably all are part of the kpop community so if they liked it I think it would be fine to keep it in the kpop community and big bang!! I'm sorry about that though!!