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In one of the most talked about moments in MTV Video Music Awards history, Yeezus made his future bid for the White House during his acceptance speech after receiving the Video Vanguard Award.

I was shocked, the music world was shocked, heck I even think Obama was shocked.

Rather than focus on policy issues that show that Ye’ may be unqualified for the job, social media (as always) has utilized a meme campaign to voice their opinion on the matter.
It’s only right that I scoured every corner of the internet to find the best memes for my fellow Vinglers. I have to say, these were pretty funny.

Kanye West makes a huge impact during his first speech as President of the United States.

Damnit Kanye... Damnit.
Kanye saw great success with his song "All Of The Lights," so why not tweak it a bit for his campaign slogan?
The People of North Carolina have spoken, as Kanye NARROWLY escapes with a victory against Donald Trump, with independent rep Deez Nuts pulling close to 10% of the vote.. *smirk*

End goals for Yeezus

Kanye expected to go viral after his Presidential announcement, but not this way.

Lets hope that Ye' has PR reps working around the clock to clean this up. Until then, enjoy the memes. Pretty funny right?
in this case a bottle of water is our best hope. lol.
ugh ( mental head smack) serious? he doesn't even like when someone wins an award other than himself. he needs to stay in the music industry. he can barely run that!
they've been right, when they said that anyone can become a president... Even bottle of water can
@tessStevens it would be interesting for sure... lol