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Fetty Wap has been one of the best surprises in rap music for quite some time. His rags to riches story from the streets of Paterson, New Jersey is truly inspiring. In the course of a year, Fetty of signed to 300 entertainment and graced the cover of XXL Magazine. Could things get any better for the kid?
Apparently so, as the talented musician has announced the release of his debut album, which is self-titled “Fetty Wap.”
Fetty hopped on Twitter to share the good news, along with a dynamic album cover that damn near broke the internet.
Wap makes a powerful statement by using his missing eye as the centerpiece for the his album cover. In the image, the New Jersey native covers his good eye with his tattooed hand. For those who don’t know, the rapper lost vision in his left eye due to congenital glaucoma.
Fetty Wap’s cover art has received mixed reactions from his fans across the globe. Some are uncomfortable with the artwork, with others praise the artist for the bold imagery on the cover.
Only time will tell in regards to how the album does in stores. Until then we can soak in the cover. Fellow Vinglers, what do you think of the cover art?