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So I was tagged by @glostick @poojas and @kpopandkimchi! So here it is! I know these are pretty popular ones but it was most of my beginning dramas so the impact left has strong haha I really wantes to list ever kiss ever but id need more cards =P
Flower Boy Ramen Shop Kimchi scene and then the first real kiss, So great!
Flower boys next door The ooooppppppssss I fell on you kiss XD then we had to be patient for the pay off end kiss but it was so great to see the character development!
To the beautiful you Oohhh I kiss when Im drunk kiss! then the see boys kissing isn't weird! (so cute XD) Finally real sweet kisses! I love them!! Minhooooooooooooo *swoons*
Emergency Couple I love watching a couple get back together its so cute! They have great chemistry and I believe every second!
Youre Beautiful It was such a struggle to get to kissing that it was so rewarding when it happened XD
Boys over flowers A kiss tease but it pays off with all the great kisses in it ^^ freaking Minhos
Playful Kiss Lots of kissing but its so frustrating since the male lead won't just love her XD
Coffee Prince MY FIRST KDRAMA KISS! IT IS JUST THE BEST GUYS! The we like each kiss was so cute and then the end kiss is just asdffghhjkllasdfghjllladfhkllkgdg yeahh
Special Mention! Full House Take 2! This was so unexpected and great! (Backstory: No min Woos character has sensitive skin allergys and the scarf is making it so he can't breath. His group mate kisses him to remove it with out showing the real situation.)
So those are the kisses and I can still think of 10 more I want to add XD anyway... enjoy XD @kpopchicken @jazzypie @kutiekiki @yaka89 @jiggzy19 give it a go!
I have seen all of these and I love them! I totally recommend all of them to anyone who hasn't seen them! Actually Boys Over Flowers was my first KDrama and Playful Kiss was my second!
@KutieKiKi Do video clips >.<
The it's ok that's love waterfall kiss! Will always be one of my favs. And the city hunter rooftop kiss!
@poojas Me tooooo! it was so good!
Ahhh Emergency Couple. Loved that drama!!!
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