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The struggle of being a LOTR fan

Making LOTR jokes about EVERYTHING. Because why not?
Tagging the Vinglers that posted LOTR related cards! LOL
Comic Credit: Pigeoneer Jane
LOL @poojas @najalong1998 fangirl tears that's what I need to liveeeee
@poojas OF COURSE FAN GIRL TEARS!!!! I know this is random but it just feels appropriate: THE MIGHTY KILI SHALL LIVE ON IN MY HEART FOREVER, AND F*** THRANDUIL!!!!!!
@Foxxyjinxx Yes, I love Bilbo lol @najalong1998 Fangirl tears??? XD @shannonl5 Total nerds unite! *high five*
as the father of a redhead, I'm about to pee I'm dying here... oh god...tears 하하하하!
Lol Thranduil is a babe to me xD and fangirl tears is the meaning of life to me
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