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When it was announced Miley Cyrus was to host the VMAs, many wondered exactly why. The songstress hasn’t been on tour nor has she been doing any heavy movie roles on the side.
By the end of the night, Miley showed the world why she was selected to host the events. The talented musician dropped a surprise album called Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz​.
Fans immediately chimed in with their thoughts on the album. The magazines followed up to share the news of the release as well, with one standing out for all of the wrong reasons.
The poor soul running Nylon Magazine sent out a tweet about the album that shook music fans to the core.

“#MileyCyrus just outdid Beyonce and dropped a surprise (free!) album”

Oh??? Really???

Fans of the Beyhive didn’t take too kindly to this tweet, and attacked the account relentlessly on social media.

I don’t know where Nylon Magazine has been, but to give Miley credit for this is ridiculous. The idea of a "surprise album" was initially done by Beyoncé in 2013. The rollout was such a success that it has become a staple of many artists throughout music.

Nylon may want to rephrase that tweet and avoid comparing anyone to Beyonce.. ever.

bad move, Nylon...
I think especially after Miley got called out at the VMAs, it was probably a bad move to compare her to Bey