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Thank you for @poojas for tagging me and for @kpopandkimchi for creating this fun challenge! :D
First of all, something that sometimes annoys me is in K-Dramas when the actors and actresses kiss like this:
It's like they like/love the other person, but they are kinda just....standing there. With no emotion when it comes to showing affection to one another.
I'm not saying that kissing scenes make or break a drama, but it definitely builds up that chemistry between the leads.
That's all I want in dramas.
1. CHEMISTRY between the leads.
2. A good storyline/plot
But a lot of dramas I've enjoyed, all of the kiss scenes were like that, open eyed and just a peck on the lips. So yeah...I guess I shouldn't really be saying anything. lol.
Okay now, some of my personal favorite kiss scenes from dramas were:


Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin had one of the best connections I've seen from a k-drama couple. This was one of my favorite scenes because it was just like:
"F social standards. I love her and nothing is going to change my mind."


THE definition of an INTENSE KISSING SCENE. End of story.


Probably one of the most bittersweet moments in all the dramas I've watched. I remember when I first watched this, I was BAWLING for like 10 whole minutes.


MR. JI CHANG WOOK. and MS. PARK MIN YOUNG. Ugh. This scene was just the sweetest thing EVERRR.
And that's it for now. I can't think of anymore that really stood out to me at the moment. I feel like my head is like mush right now. Haha.
Until next time, BYEEEE!
Aww, this is a great list. I loved the hat kiss in Healer too! lol
@poojas I love everything about Healer honestly. It was such a fantastic drama! :)
To be honest, all Park Shin Hye kiss scenes annoy me HAHAHAHAHHA
@kpopandkimchi Right? I like her as an actress but her kissing... (-_-) And she's kissed so many ATTRACTIVE men. (>_<)