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The feels! I hate doing challenges but I can't resist great kisses from kdramas. The way they develop the characters makes me fall in love with them and so when they do that little smooch it makes me squee more than ever ㅋㅋㅋ. I got challenged by @vixenvivi. Thx a LOT >. lol
The City Hunter rooftop kiss is one of my faves! Dat Minho..... And the way she grabs his sweater! Asdfghjkl!
The It's Ok, That's Love waterfall kiss scene goes down as my all time favorite. I just love this drama in general and this scene has all the feels >. I mean can it get anymore perfect???
Welp that's all I got for now, hope you enjoy 😁😘
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omg city hunter was such a good drama, i really need to watch it again!