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Having a pair of distressed jeans is nothing new. Neither is distressing your own pair of jeans. But, the new part of this DIY tutorial is adding a pop of color to those rips on your distressed jeans. This awesome DIY project comes from the creative people at P.S.— I made this.

How to make colored distressed jeans

This DIY project is incredibly easy. Grab a pair of jeans and use a piece of sand paper and an Xacto knife to distress the jeans. You can also buy a pair of already distressed jeans if you don't want distress them yourself. Once you like how the distressed jeans look, grab a colored fabric marker (you can find these at a craft store). Stain the rips with the colored fabric marker to create a unique pair of distressed jeans.
If you want some more information about how to make the colored ripped jeans, watch this video where they show you step-by-step instructions.
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I’ve never seen colored distressed jeans! it’s so cool!
@simplysam12 this looks amazing!
So cute
This is such a brilliant idea! It fixes the problem of what I should do with my jeans that are old and lack personality.