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Jimmy Fallon is the man for god knows how many reasons..but lets start with his late night show, which is amazing. I love his quirky sense of humor. You combine that with his guest selection and unique run of games played on the show and you have a hit tv show.
Last night we got a bit of the same from Fallon as he invited Victoria Justice on the show. Justice recently created a new word “Snelfie” (Snorkle+selfie=snelfie… yeah I know it’s weird but lets give her a pass.) Her new addition to the Urban Dictionary inspired Fallon to create a new game for her on the show.

The dynamic duo took three words from Urban Dictionary and tried to determine their meaning. The results were hilarious.

The choice of words made this segment a must-watch on television last night.
I must admit, I didn't know the meaning of "Margraine," but I probably wouldn't have went with Victoria's definition (she said "its when you eat too much margarine and you get a headache." I don't know who eats multiple sticks of butter, but ok..).
Lets hope these two get easier words during their next go-round of the game. Until then enjoy the segment above.
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😂😂😂 the smellfie was hilarious of all