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Australia’s Today show is is one of the best gifts from "Down Under" in quite sometime. The show meshes the news with hilarious stunts and statements from the news cast. These guys really make the news fun.
Today we got an example of their one of the kind distribution of the news at a local pool. As expected, the segment was a complete disaster.. but hey, it made for some great television!
Today sent weatherman Steven Jacobs to an indoor pool to conduct an interview. Apparently this guys job involves dangling on a board over water, and requires a four year degree and military training.
I guess the producers thought this guys job wasn’t as hard as they make it seem, and decided to use Jacobs as a sacrificial lamb during a live simulation for fans at home.

Jacobs, as expected, failed to rise to the occasion and flops head first into the water below.

This guy didn’t stand a chance...
Buhahahaha, I just laughed out loud. I don't know what it is about seeing another person fall that always makes me bust up laughing.
Lmao!! Awesome. :D It's just the way we're made, @danidee.