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The beef between Shaq and Kobe is well documented, but it seems like it came to the end this week.

Kobe and Shaq called a truce recently. To honor the reconciliation, Kobe made an appearance on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast.

While the two discussed the good times and bad time in their relationship, Kobe also shared one of the driving forces behind the mamba burying the hatchet: Dwight Howard.
Kobe showed why they called him “The Black Mamba” as he delivered a couple statements with a vicious bite into Dwight Howard’s character on the podcast.

"I didn't appreciate Shaq until I played with Dwight.” Ouch.

There is no doubting the success of Kobe and Shaq during their joint run in Los Angeles, as the duo won three championships in eight years. Howard’s run in Los Angeles was brief, yet memorable for all the wrong reasons.
Something tells me Howard was take this slap in the face in stride. Kobe may want to prepare for Howard's’ response to the media soon.