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so today uummmm where to start. ok, today i went inside the highschool i was scared and shy, almost had a heart attack. then i start staring at people, and thinking. Why did i come here? toooo many TITANS, I'm so short. Why u wearing a dark blue shirt, it's light blue shirt for our uniform, Why is everybody wearing blue shirts. why u kissing the hallway. I'M THINKING TOO MUCH! and then i looked lost cause i didn't get my schedule last week. Then started walking to the cafeteria, all i saw was 10,11,12 graders like i don't these people. didn't see much of 9 graders. I hated people so i left. Thank God I saw my moms friend. Mrs. Jackson, everytime i say that name reminds me of Jackson of got7. So she handed my schedule, and said your homeroom is room A103.
so i went to A103 looking confuse as ever. Met my teacher. So blah bush blah he sends someone to get the real schedule. So my My teacher handed me my real schedule. I was REALLY REALLY LOST. My schedule was completely different. from my last one. Then I went to my first class, which was Nutrition, i was in the wrong room. DX I FOUND OUT I HAVE MATH. I had to walk all the way to the side of the building To the B side. Met my teacher she gave me gum and left to my 2end period class. The teacher was cool. he said if we work hard he would give us something for our birthday. I wrote down a note for what I want for my birthday. i put down BTS ALBUM Korean music. I hope he's going to give me that on my birthday. and then I went to my 3rd period class. Met the guy we talk about ours selfs. He told me show my schedule if this was my class. THE DOOR OPEN AND THEN I TURN AROUND, THERE I SAW MY FRIEND THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN FOR 2 YEARS! I'm going to cry.
Oh my gosh Brittany! that's my friend's name. My baby i miss you! She didn't recognize me at because i looked different. Oh Mak, i barly notice you! *crying* i miss you so much! Why did you leave me. You didn't say You was leaving. I didn't know I was leaving either. So we talk, laugh, bullying each other. It as fun. after few periods around it was gym. I was So confused with my schedule because I didn't know If have gym. i went to health and found out I only have it on B days Today was an A day. I had gym with the 10 graders. My schedule was mixed up. I'm with my crazy teacher again. Yayyy * crying * Suddenly it was time to go home. We weren't suppose to leave at 2:16 it was 3:00. but we left anyway. So this is what happened on the first day of school.
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@ninachan you r welcome
I feel like I got lost with ypu reading that XD
@ninachan I'm happy you found your friend! I felt the same way when I got to Cali for school cause NOBODY from Long Island was there that I knew. I am happy for you though. Yay! But good luck tomorrow. If need be, I will come be your friend in school for the day. Fighting!
@amazingangelini thank you so much XD
@ninachan no problem!