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Well, @kpopandkimchi tagged me for this challenge & so did @poojas. So, here goes my list...
1. Reply 1997 All kissing scenes from this drama were awesome, specially the "Kitchen Kiss"!!!
2. My Love From Another Star All kissing scenes from this drama too were great, especially "the frozen time" kiss in the snow & the one when Do Min Joon time traveled back to the film premier where Cheon Song Yi was...
3. Coffee Prince The sexy "I'm not leaving this apartment" kissing scene was the best from this drama..
4. Heirs The Episode 16 kiss, after Kim Tan takes Cha Eun Sang's passport, was really passionate! Well, at least from Kim Tan's side bcoz Cha Eun Sang(Park Shin Hye) didn't respond much!
5. Personal Taste The Game Over kiss...
6. I Remember You The one and only proper kiss in the whole series & boy, it was damn passionate!!! The kiss is also on the list bcoz it has SIG in it & he always gives me the FEELS!!!
7. Secret Garden The Coffee Foam kiss. It was really cute!!
Well, I think that's that for me. At least for now... And thanks @kpopandkimchi & @poojas for tagging me...
@mistymaity yeah it's really close! I have some work to do before I can be officially "on the weekend" but I am totally gonna watch that asap ^_^
Well the weekend's almost here!!!(Depending on where u live) Have a happy time @shannonl5!!!
@mistymaity thank you! I'm planning on starting it over the weekend :D
Woah, great choice @shannonl5! I Remember You is a really good drama with great acting & an intricate storyline. I think u'll really like it.
@mistymaity just boys over flowers so far. A friend told me to watch I Remember You next
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