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Song of the Day: BTS- Fun Boys

Okay so the SOTD is back and here to stay. And as some of you may know, (ARMY I'm looking at you) it's Jungkook's birthday!!! So I thought it only be appropriate if today's SOTD was by one of my favorite groups BTS♡ This particular song does not have a offical Music Video, so I decided to go with the next best thing.....a live performance of course :D Who doesn't love live KPOP♡♡
If you're a fan of BTS tell me who your bias is down below in the comments. Mine is V :P If you havent heard of BTS or haven't listened to much of their music make sure to check it out, because you might like it :D
I actually hadnt heard this song before but that performance 0_____0 Suga in that hat and jacket
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