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BigBand the Vampires
The first was yours truly G Dragon :-) :-)
The second is on other then TOP
But last but not least is Mr. Taeyang
Daesung doesn't become a vampire until taeyang turns him
This guys just stand there for like 15 minutes and then start running lol Seungri lol
This is the vampires of taeyang lol
What had you done to Seungri~ I'm laughing hard when I read what's written about him. I can totally imagine his derpy face while running. Hahaha. TOP looks like the vampire in movies though. Scary.
T.O.P. is my bias but that G Dragon pic is just DANG!
But that.what in saw after he saw Daesung get pick up by is throat taeyang and push.back by the and all.three then start bitting him as he screaming Seungri just stand scared then he started to run and scream lol
I like it
That GD one is FREAKY