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So today I was in English and the teacher was talking about something. I can't remember but anyways. She was talking about something when she said No Mercy and I just looked down at my paper and starting whispering "Nonono No Mercy." I wanted to sing it so bad but I couldn't.
I was also looking at my paper during that class and saw that I had written power as well. "We got the power" came into my mind as well.
I was like B.A.P reference for the win.
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lmao at least you didnt get up and start doing the dance cause then it would have gotten a little crazy
OMG. Last year when I was in Stats class, one of the problem's numbers had 1004 and I IMMEDIATELY thought of B.A.P. haha. xD
@StephyBAP I would have payed to see that. Just so I could loudly ramble nonsense sounds to go along with the lyrical melody. I feel that together we would make a pretty good team. And I posted a card where I found a picture of Geometry spelling out the letters B.A.P. I was smiling like an idiot for the rest of the day.
@KDramaKPop1015 I see your card and yeah I think we would make a go team