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( left to right: Heejoo, Moonhee, Jookyung, G Won, U Jung ) myB ( korean: 마 이 비 ) is a five member girl group under Maroon Entertainment. The members consist of Jookyung, G Won, Moonhee, U Jung, and Heejoo. They debuted with the release of their first single album My Oh My on August 25th 2015; and held their debut stage on SBS MTV'S The Show on the same day with their title track of the same name.
I've been meaning to do a nugu card on them for the longest. But Ive been extremely lazy. Today I said why not and looked them up. And I must say I really like them. They have that cute concept that isn't in your face cute but with a little added fierceness. This year like Ive said before is not only the year for girl groups but the year of cute concepts. Almost every group thats debuted has done the cute concept. Which I really dont mind. I rather enjoy it. Its very refreshing and different from fierceness we've seen a lot lately from most groups.
Here's their show champion debut stage. Now I have a question for you guys. if you read allkpop I think a lot of you have seen that Red Velvet fans are very upset with myB. Many of them think that myB stole their Happiness concept and the blonde hair. So what do you guys think about that? Let me know!
Wait but this song is so fun?!?!??! I love it!!
I really enjoyed it too...thanks for the back story on them...I only watched the video and said, "oh cool, they are great" then shared it by itself here ㅋㅋㅋ
This is serious JAM!!! Cool~
the song is super cute and catchy!! ...but with that hair color I literally can't tell most of them apart....-_- ..y would they do such a thing!