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When you move around a lot it's hard to really feel at home. Whether you're at college, between apartments or moving for work it aslways feels better when you come home to things that you like. Sometimes when the big moments in life are all over the place, all we need is a little personalization to make our day better.

1. Get a small plant.

Okay, for those of us who kill everything we touch this may seem a little counterproductive. It'll die right? Won't I have to throw it away? Eh..not really. Small succulents and cacti last a long time, and if you have to move you can take it with you, because it's small, or give it to a friend. I do not have a green thumb. I can't keep plants alive, but what I can do is care for a desert bloom, like a cactus or something that doesn't require much water. I bought a funny looking succulent the other day, and it totally brightened up the room. Place it in the kitchen or the bathroom for added pep.

2. Put up posters or temporary wall decals.

Bare walls are no fun, and a great way to personalize a space is to cover up the walls. Get a poster of your favorite music artist or celebrity or pick a color theme and get rid of all that blank space. Wall clings are also a really good way to spice up a room. Get something cute and decorate your bathroom or kitchen. Then you'll be happy to come home to something familiar. The best part is? You can just rip them off the wall and roll them up when you leave!

3. Buy some trinkets / things you don't need, to put on shelves or counter tops.

Most of the time when we're in temporary living situations we bring the bear essentials. Looking at empty shelves can be a total drag, so buy a few containers / decorations to liven up the space. Whether it's a little figure of your favorite animal, or a box to keep your things in, decorated shelves can really make a difference in the space.

4. Coordinate your colors.

Color coordination is quintessential to making a space your own. What's your favorite color scheme? Pastels, primary colors? Golds? Greens? Black and white? All of the little things you get to make your home function, like cooking tools, towels and soap. All of the little things working together as a cohesive unit will make your temporary digs feel like an interior design dream.

5. Change your bedding.

If you have a killer bed-set everything will look better. Color coordinate it like in number 4 and get cozy. Your bed spread can totally change a room, and if you really like the colors it can brighten everything up and make things feel way more personal. I'm looking forward to hooking up my temporary apartment with some new bedding and a couple more personal touches.
It's sure to up your mood and make everything feel better, because nobody likes shifting around a lot, and moving can be a drag.