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for me this is TOTALLY TRUTH everytime when i read this.. i just thinking on that and one day whn i have my own kids i do this for them.. forrealssss cuz iknow wht it feels like...
this is perfect but lucky for my daughter her dad will probably still be apart of the worlds greatest group so all she has to do is wake up every morning to meet him and her uncles haha
I thought this was if we believe someone said this or not.... honestly I wouldn't like fly my kid to Korea to go to a concert but if it was within the country then I'll take them there if I had the money to.
@RobertMarsh Agreed. I think some parents have a tendency to give their kids too much, and they lack any appreciation for how hard it is to earn extra money for things. Some kids don't understand that it is not a matter of trying to keep you from doing something, but the inability to afford it.
So true! I have no-one to fangirl with.
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