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I am in love with this project! Part of the magic of DIY is how you can use unconventional materials to accomplish the task of making things that are both purposeful and beautiful. I love that sort of stuff!
For instance, this wall planter project uses, of all things, PVC plumbing materials! How cool is that? Any plumbers among us? Don't be shy...

Supplies Needed:

-8-10" PVC pipe (length depends on how many planter you plan on making)
-wood board (width and length depends on the size of pipe and number of planters you make)
-super glue
-saw tooth picture hanger(s)
-plants/planting soil/planter pebbles


-jig saw
-straight edge
-hand or miter saw
Step One: This step basically involves making three cuts. Take your straight edge and Sharpie and make a line straight down the pipe lengthwise. Then do the same on the opposite side (the first cut is cutting the pipe in half lengthwise).
Depending on the size of pipe, you may not have to cut all the way through, just cut enough for your planter size. The planters we made are about 8.5" high (I used an 8" pipe).
After cutting the pipe in half, make a cross cut. You will have to drill a hole to get the jig saw blade started.
Making the second cut is a two person job, unless you have a better idea. Start by measuring up 8.5", then slowly rotate the pipe while your helper holds a Sharpie against the pipe, making a line around the circumference.
After I had all the halfsies cut out, I spray painted them white to prime them.
Step Two: This step only requires a couple of cuts! The base is comprised of two pieces of wood. Make the back piece 10" x 12" and the bottom piece 10" x 5". These measurements make the edge stick out about an 1".
After the two pieces are cut and attached to each other, trace the centered half pipe, then apply the super glue to the edges and press it against the two surfaces. Clamp the half pipe down. Be careful not to clamp too hard, or it will push the edges of the pipe out, and it'll be all distorted and wonky and dumb looking.
After the glue dries, paint each planter and install the hangers on the back.
Now...get to the planting bit! Have fun!
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