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Title: A Maid Story
Length: 24 pages + 2 bonus pages
Availability: Print only
Price: $15 (USD) + Shipping
Size: Approx. 8 x 10.5 in
Age Rating: 15+, contains mature themes and blood/mild violence.
Genre: Psychological horror, shoujo
Story synopsis: Haruka Devine is the head maid at the #1 Maid Cafe in New York City. She is admired by all for her beauty and grace, but she holds some dark secrets...including the fact that she spends her whole paycheck on anime and manga merchandise! But there is more to this maid than her beauty and otaku hobbies, as we delve into a dark past stained with depression and abandonment. Will this maid be able to face her past, or will she continue to use her otaku obsessions to mask her true feelings?
Hey guys ^^ So I'm not taking pre orders for my new manga "A Maid Story"! If you're interested in buying a copy, just send me a message with the following info:
. Full Name
. Sending Address
. Paypal e-mail
After that, I will add your name to the pre order list right away! I'll send out copies after the pre order period is over. Thanks so much to those who buy, your support means a lot to me ^_^ I look forward to sending out the copies!
Thank you! ^^ you can also e-mail me at
Yes, I can't wait. I just need to make a papal account. And congrats on publishing your manga :)
@KeikoKup that's awesome! though Iguess the hard work paid off! now you have this to look at as an accomplishment.
@VinMcCarthy thanks! Sure just let me know ^^ its self-published so its a lot of work, but I do enjoy it ^^
congrats! I don't have a paypal account but when I have the opportunity to buy this I totally will! did you enjoy the process of getting it published?
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