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Styling hair can be confusing because there are so many tools and products out there. Unless you're running a salon or studying cosmetology, there is no reason to purchase a set of hot rollers and "X" amount of combs. Here's a short list of which styling tools/products is better for your specific needs.

Backcomb or Backbrush?

Both methods use a "teasing" technique and the difference is one is done with a comb and other with a bristle brush. Typically, you would want to use backcombing for knots that are difficult to get out and backbrushing to make hair voluminous without all the knots.

Mousse or Foam?

Both products are made to create volume but it depends on the type of hair you have. If you hair knots up easily, stay away from mousse or foam. These products will create a sticky residue once it dries, so it will make your hair extra messy. Instead stick with dry shampoo or a thickening lotion to create a light volume.

Round brushes or Velcro Rollers?

Some people are blessed with hair that conforms well and their blowouts last longer. For everyone else, you are better off with velcro rollers to create loose waves.