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Marvel CEO Isaac Perlmutter is no longer in charge of the cinematic universe.

If that name is familiar to you, it's because his emails regarding the 'disastrous' history of female-centric action movies were part of the Sony leak last May. Here's an excerpt:
As we discussed on the phone, below are just a few examples. There are more. Thanks, Ike 1. Electra (Marvel) – Very bad idea and the end result was very, very bad. 2. Catwoman (WB/DC) – Catwoman was one of the most important female character within the Batmanfranchise. This film was a disaster. 3. Supergirl – (DC) Supergirl was one of the most important female super hero in Superman franchise. This Movie came out in 1984 and did $14 million total domestic with opening weekend of $5.5 million. Again, another disaster. Best, Ike
While Perlmutter's leadership brought Marvel back from financial disaster in the 90s, it came with a cost. He was notoriously stingy, and would often publicly reprimand staff members for things like leaving light bulbs on or wasting paperclips. He reportedly fired employees just to see if the company could go on without them. When Marvel joined with Disney, a legal suit was brought against him by three black female Disney executives.

What does that mean for the future of Marvel?

Now, that's not to say Perlmutter was solely responsible for every toxic thing Marvel has done.

And in the past, he's green-lit a few progressive titles as well, including the expansion of the Spider-Gwen comic book series. What this really means is that Marvel has the flexibility to spend even more money on their upcoming projects. That could mean an expanded marketing budget for the Black Panther film, more special effects for Spider-Man, and a bigger paycheck to keep actors like Robert Downey Jr., and to attract more expensive talent.

As for Black Widow? It's not likely... but it is possible.

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If they make it I will watch it. Now past female superhero movies didn't do too well but I believe they can do this one justice. Especially if they have Scarlett Johansson playing her like @shannonl5 said I like her. Still waiting for Wonder Woman movie but they might put that in production closer to when Justice League movie is made..... 😅
@loftonc16 lol yeah the Wonder Woman movie is definitely going to be here way sooner. But maybe if that does well then Marvel will be more likely to make a Widow movie?
@shannonl5 Yes like @buddyesd said it would definitely be competitive between the two movies.
Yeah @buddyesd @loftonc16 that's important to point out. Marvel is a business and Perlmutter refused to okay and female-led movies because he was sure they would tank. If it's proven that's not the case Marvel will have to adapt