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Jenna Rae Cakes, based in Winnipeg, is co-owned and operated by twin sisters. And though many of you reside in the USA, and won't be able to get their stunning cakes for your wedding, the folks in Canada can! The Canadians are so lucky to have this at their disposal. I keep hoping for a turn of events that will get Jenna Rae Cakes into the international shipment of confectionery sweetness.
Loving this cake for a million reasons:
Three tiers. Love that.
The pearl lace treatment on the top tier is STUNNING!
Who doesn't love gold? The gold leaf is gorgeous in both color and its brushed reflective texture!
The base tier is such a mystery to me. It's rolled fondant is shrouded with what appears to be a textured, burnt-edge, lace applique. Love this so much!
What are you most looking for in a cake when you tie the knot? What flavor profiles are you eager to bite into? Share all your ideas and stories in the comments below. Love to get ideas from you all too!
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