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Jaejoong’s domestic concert ‘Your, My, and Mine‘ will first take place on the 26th and 27th at the Gyeonggido Ilsan Kintex, It has been revealed that JaeJong has even prepared unreleased songs and dance tracks as a gift to his fans and has been practising hard for the dance routines in order to give his fans a surprise! Jaejoong is scheduled to make a stop in Thailand on February 17th at BITEC Hall 106. He’ll also hold a fan meeting along with the mini-concert.
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Aww, I'm sure his tour will be very successful. :)
ya think these kpop idols are really working so hard these days! :D
Definitely. I can't imagine all the flying and riding around to do performances and photo shoots. It must be exhausting.
hahaha ya! not easy to be an idol! =P
Have you ever wanted to be an idol? I wouldn't want to...I'd never get to sleep and I LOVE to sleep. LOL!