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Woody browns. Natural cottons. White porcelain. Golden hues, the Fall shade of pears and apples.
Notice how the Fall coloring and use of metallics in this colorscape is so subtle, your eye has to search every detail. That's because two things are going on here.
First, (and I've said this before), when you bring together things like shapes, colors, textures, etc, that are unexpected, it forces the eye to notice. That's what's happening here. There are florals, branches and fruits. How often do you see fruits on the table? Not often. Also, the linen for the table consists of a cotton runner and napkins. The table is bare, with wood and cracks showing. There is also the eclectic mix of raw woody (matte-finish) materials combined with the flash and reflection of the stemware, metal candlesticks and vessels and chargers.
Second, the color palette is subdued. There's nothing rich or saturated about this colorscape. Everything is light-infused. The greens are silver. The wood is light, not dark. The gold is so golden, it's almost white. The white linen and the white porcelain--all of it--takes the table from being dark to being light.
It's a fascinating thing to see how you can take bold colors or textures and turn them on their head, making them light as air, which was what was achieved in this picture here!
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