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I always start these things forgetting HOW MANY MEMBERS EXO HAS (a lot) so these take me forever.
Inspired by the original poster: gilrsgenerations

Xiumin Stans:

Very similar to mother bears. They can be serene and give great hugs but can also rip apart anyone who threatens their cub. Xiumin is their sweet dumpling that must be protected at all costs.

Baekhyun Stans:

Generally peaceful fans until the Bae comes up. Then they're all showing off his vocal range and pretty face and dorky behavior. These fans are rare but loyal.

Kris Stans:

Detail-oriented as all hell. They are probs still hung up on that witch outfit he wore to the airport, like, once. They are mad meme makers cause Kris is meme king.

Chanyeol Stans:

Probably the most dedicated stans after Sehun's. They all have out of this world NSFW things to say about him and it skeeves out everyone around them. Plus they can't stop talking about his brown sugar voice and his ferrets AS IF WE HADN'T ALREADY NOTICED. Keep doin' your thing Chanyeol stans.

Lay Stans:

To be honest they probably don't even like the rest of EXO and are just there for Lay - their angel on Earth. They will protect this cinnamon roll from the dark dirtiness of the world until the day they die their final fangirl death.

Kyungsoo Stans:

You know those people who tag things like"#you look dead #i love it!” Yeah, that's a ksoo stan. They usually don't like Chanyeol and Baekhyun and they're like Lay stans in that they want nothing to do with the rest of EXO. He's the cutest thing on the planet. Hands down.

Tao Stans:

Tao stans are the funniest in the fandom and probs run or at least follow a ton of aesthetic blogs. Tao fans are in their crying stage but also their 'my bby is such a fighter I am so proud' stage of fan girl grief.

Chen Stans:

Awww such cuties. They're pretty chill since Chen just does his thing and they don't have to worry about drama or anything cause he's literally around to sleep, sing, and smile.

Luhan Stans:

Currently they're the people who queitly make gifs and use the “;__;” emoji a lot. They also strangely all know each other, like a cult.

Jongin Stans:

Nice people that like puppies and a good jam and they want to protect their little munchkin from any harm and would create a human circle around him to keep everyone away from him and JUST LET HIM DANCE.

Suho Stans:

They love him unconditionally. All three of them just sit around and talk about how cute he is. You can't have anything against Suho stans because Minho is a Suho stan and there aren't enough of them to start any drama.

Sehun Stans:

The scariest & most dedicated stans. They're also rlly funny like Tao stans to make up for Sehun not bringing all that much to the table. They can all tell you how many seconds of rap time he got in all the EXO comebacks.
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my baozi <333
Chanyeol stan description is spot on.
I'm a Kai and Sehun Stan :))
Kris too.. and Tao. ..uhh
im a kyungsoo and a kai and maybe Baek. 😃